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A hernia means something coming through. It most frequently occurs when an organ or internal tissue pokes through a hole or weakness in your abdominal muscle wall.


In many cases, people have no or very few hernia symptoms. You may notice a swelling or lump in your stomach area or groin. Often you have no hernia pain.

If your hernia causes sudden pain and especially if it can’t be pushed back in, you should seek urgent medical care. It may mean that your hernia is trapped or tightly pinched where it pokes through the muscle wall (obstruction) and in extreme cases it may cut off the blood supply to your intestines and tissues in your abdomen (strangulation).

A hernia is not usually a serious condition but it will not go away without hernia treatment known as a hernia repair.

What does a hernia feel like?

A hernia will typically feel like a lump under your skin in your groin or stomach area. This is where the bulging tissue or organ is pushing through a weak area in your abdominal wall. You can push the lump back in or it disappears when you lie down. Coughing, lifting heavy objects, straining and standing up may make your lump appear. Some people do not feel a lump and have no symptoms.

Hernia Causes

A hernia can be present at birth or it can develop if you have a weakness in your muscle or surrounding tissue wall. Hernias are caused by organs, such as your intestines, pushing through a weak part of your muscle wall. Your groin is the most common area for a hernia to appear as it pushes through your abdominal wall. Hernia causes include activities and medical issues that put pressure on your muscle wall, such as:

Hernias are also more likely to occur as you age, if you have a family history of hernias, if you have had a hernia before and are more common in men than in women.

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